All of us have a story. How will we use it? For Caren, telling her story has helped her heal. It has helped her grow deeper in her faith. But Caren’s story also impacts the work she does at Insight—as she shares in her experiences and showers clients with empathy, bonds are formed, and lives are changed.

Caren has a beautiful soul. From her face radiates a sense of peace and thoughtfulness. Each word she speaks has deeper meaning; she always finds a way to give glory to God. However, despite the calm demeanor and loving speech that she embodies today, Caren experienced difficulties and seasons of trouble in her past.

At the age of 14, she became pregnant with a child. Although Caren did her best to hide the pregnancy for as long as possible, her parents found out and forced her to go through with abortion. “I carried the responsibility of it,” Caren expressed. “It’s just not as easy as people think it is.” And the weight she carried for many years is a powerful part of Caren’s story. She has observed that as abortion becomes more and more normalized in society, the sustained emotional, mental, physical impacts fall beneath the cracks and so are the women that experience them. “Years later, I realized what had actually happened to me physically that day in the hospital, and I started to uncover the long-term emotional effects that seemed to now be a part of daily life.. After years of carrying around the shame and guilt of my abortion, I was introduced to Insight Women’s Center. I participated in their post-abortive program that brought emotional healing, releasing the shame and guilt I had lived with for so long. I can’t change my past, but I can be a voice for those who have no voice and try to make a difference in someone else’s life. I want to encourage others who might find themselves in a similar situation: you are strong and capable of having a baby while still fulfilling your dreams! Since volunteering at Insight, I’ve witnessed so many women rise above incredibly challenging circumstances, empowered to make a life-giving decision.”

Many of these women, with similar stories to Caren, come from Christian backgrounds and churches but are not shown the love and forgiveness that begins their healing process. She challenges the Church to love these women and surround them with support and forgiveness rather than pushing them away from their faith and the people that they need the most. Although Caren recognizes that God made us for procreation and life, she also emphasizes forgiveness and love and healing.

“Everybody has a story,” Caren often says. “It’s really important to share your story.” And as we share with others these experiences, hardships, blessings, and growth, we heal. We grow deeper in our faith. And we impact lives. Although we do not know how many lives have been touched by our story, we have faith that God will use it for His purposes and good. And that is a powerful reason to tell it.

Insight Women’s Center is an excellent resource for emotional, spiritual, and tangible support. Our volunteers and staff have all been touched by or involved in an abortion in one way or another. We understand that abortion is a deeply sensitive and personal topic that affects every participant in profound and differing ways.

We simply offer compassion, and a path to recovery. Whether your involvement in an abortion was a month ago or forty years ago, we believe that no one can participate in an abortion and remain unaffected.

If you would like more information about our after-abortion resources, call us at Insight Women’s Center (785.842.6499) or fill out this form and we can be in contact with you.

All of our services are free, caring, and confidential! We are here to support you and connect you with resources that offer hope and healing!