Paige’s Story

Paige’s visit to our center started with a defiant phone call. She said the boyfriend was determined to remedy this unplanned pregnancy with a few hundred dollars and had an appointment booked for the next day at the abortion clinic.

He wouldn’t be accompanying her though.

And, hesitantly, she said she knew this baby was rapidly developing, much too far along for her to embrace his plan.

She needed reinforcement.

She needed something tangible to help him understand.

And, perhaps she needed just one person to tell her that her opinion really does matter.

She left our center the next day with pictures of her baby in hand and encouragement in her heart. A week later, she had taken one brave step at a time to announce her pregnancy and acquire OB care.

Thanks be to God that we were able to encourage her and help her find the strength to know she could choose life for her child.

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