Kelly’s Story

Kelly initially came to the center for a pregnancy verification.

After receiving a positive pregnancy test, our nurse proceeded with a sonogram per Kelly’s request. She verbalized concern about not knowing for sure who the father of the baby could be. She was hoping to get the confirmation via a sonogram regarding the timing of the pregnancy, which she said would determine her pregnancy decision.

She desperately wanted this pregnancy to have occurred with her current boyfriend.

After the exam, even though paternity cannot be determined through sonography, Kelly herself was confident her fears had come true.

She initially planned to schedule and have the abortion performed without anyone else knowing about the baby. However, by the time her appointment ended at our center, she had texted her boyfriend and was planning to tell him about the pregnancy, even though she knew the message might be tough to deliver to him.

In a follow-up phone call, Kelly shared that when she initially told her boyfriend, he was supportive. However, he had changed his mind and insisted she have an abortion. With him standing over her shoulder, she scheduled an appointment online for an abortion.

A few weeks passed, and because Kelly had not contacted the center, the staff determined she had gone ahead with the abortion. Then Kelly showed back up and explained about the day she had the abortion scheduled.

“On that day, my boyfriend came to drive me to the abortion clinic. We got all the way out to his car with my car door open. I couldn’t do it.” Kelly continued, “I said to him, I’m sorry I know this will ruin your day. But I can’t go through with it….I ran into my house, locked the door, and called my Mom.”

Kelly’s son was born at the end of September 2019, and she exclaims, “Holy moly, I love that guy!”

It took an enormous amount of courage for Kelly to say no to the boyfriend, who was coercing her into an abortion decision! We believe it’s also because of your prayers and support for our organization.

Would you help us reach more of the Kelly’s out there today before they schedule their abortion appointment tomorrow?